Attending elia Together 2017

I just got back yesterday from Berlin, where I attended the 2017 edition of elia Together, the European Language Industry Association’s industry event for freelance translators and language companies. From the very beginning, with the keynote speech by Balázs Kis, one of the founders of Kilgray, the tone was very positive and conducive to communication, exchange and learning. As an independent freelancer, I know first-hand how it requires extra effort and awareness to communicate effectively and build bridges when you are geographically isolated from the other people you are working with, and yet how vital it is for both your professional success and personal satisfaction to build sustainable partnerships. Thus, it was very reassuring to hear other language professionals confirm the reality and seriousness of these challenges as well as informative to hear how they deal with them and the various kinds of partnerships and business models which are possible between translators themselves and between translators and LSPs/direct clients. It was also an excellent opportunity to meet and get to know new, like-minded colleagues, project managers and vendor managers and to open up my perspective and build up a bigger picture of what goes on in our very fragmented industry. The event management was very smooth and thoughtfully organised to support the attendees. I will definitely consider attending again next year if I can.


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