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Anglolingo Legal Linguists Ltd is a translation services company based in Nottingham, in the heart of the English Midlands, specialising in legal and financial translation and corporate communications.

We translate from French, German and Russian into English.


We offer our language support to law firms, financial institutions and businesses which need external translators who can write and draft in excellent English and are familiar with the translation challenges posed by the special combination of general and technical language and jargon that is the language of finance and law.

We can also revise your communications to sound fluent, persuasive and authoritative, as if written by an eloquent native English speaker.


For more information, see our services below. Go to About to learn more about our organisation and how our personalised service can help you. Go to News to learn about our activities in the language services industry and what we are doing to stay up-to-date on commercial and legal developments.

Our aim is to provide the highest satisfaction to our clients. View our testimonials below to see what some of our clients have to say about us. For a prompt quote on your project, go to Contact.



  • Statements of case and memoranda

  • Opinions

  • Discovery

  • Judgments and awards


  • Purchase agreements

  • Service agreements

  • Loan agreements

  • Data protection


  • Articles of association

  • Minutes of shareholder meetings

  • Extracts from companies registers

  • Annual reports and financial statements


  • Regulation and compliance

  • Heads of term and contractual documentation

  • Fund and asset management rules

  • Marketing


  • Employment contracts

  • Birth, death, marriage certificates, etc.

  • Pension and insurance

  • Other general personal documents


  • Police reports

  • Transcripts of witness interrogations

  • Cross-border procedures and mutual legal assistance

  • Audio recordings


  • Websites

  • Presentations

  • Shareholder and investor letters

  • Internal communications


  • Dissertations

  • Journal papers and articles

  • Books and monographs

  • Grant applications

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We use the latest translation technology to support our work where possible, depending on the format of the documents we receive. These technology solutions make the translation process faster and help to ensure consistency of terminology and style, even within very large volumes of text.

Termbases and translation memories can be created specifically for your organisation. They can easily be shared, revised and exported for use in alternative translation software or simply into an Excel spreadsheet. Accurate document analysis ensures pricing is transparent.

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We refer to reliable sources when making translation decisions in our work. We have access to Westlaw UK and the Lexis Library as well as various academic databases. We also have a solid collection of dictionaries and specialist reference books.

Translation is not a mechanical exercise, however. We apply our unique, holistic understanding in the comparative analysis involved in translating between the disparate cultural and conceptual systems of the jurisdictions of our languages.

Our linguists include legal translators, lawyer-linguists and former industry specialists who have transitioned to language services and who are personal colleagues of our experienced Director and Lead Linguist.

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Where required, we can use a highly secure file storage and sharing solution to safeguard the confidentialty of your documents. Encryption is end-to-end using AES-256 encryption, making it as secure as online banking. The server is located in Germany, which has some of the strictest data protection laws in the world.

There is zero unauthorised access to your data, even by the employees of the solution provider. The data can only be decrypted or accessed with the proper keys. You can have peace of mind that your confidential documentation is protected at all times.

“Anglolingo helped me to translate and write papers and presentations about various complex issues relating to real estate, architecture and urban planning based on German and English source documents. They were very supportive throughout the process. The quality of the resulting translations and documents was excellent.”

— Dr Florian Wiedmann, Founder at ARRUS

“Thank you very much for the report. The performance is really impressive. I have never received such an immaculate report from a translation before. I only want to work with you in the future for translations of reports.”

A Swiss food group

“We have been very impressed with the service provided, an excellent quality of translation and a very fast turnaround. We look forward to using your services again and will recommend you highly to anyone needing the same.”

— Aldijana Hoad, Director/Solicitor at OTB Legal

“Phyllis Elago understood my needs completely. She translated the content of my website with extraordinary speed, professionalism and diligence. Many translators just ‘translate the words’, the way others simply calculate numbers. Phyllis takes the time to understand the needs of her customers, and my goodness! It makes all the difference.”

— Denis Frenkel, Director at Pianiste Secours

“Phyllis was the head translator of French and German scripts for the Journal of the British Academy of Graphology for several years. Phyllis is a highly skilled and experienced translator who is excellent in her field. She can be relied upon to create, even from the most challenging papers and articles, a translation work that is fluent, accurate and, above all, true to its source.”

— Penny Clark, editor of Graphology at the British Academy of Graphology

“Just wanted to congratulate you for the quality of the translation provided for our client. The client said that he has rarely seen a translation of such quality!”

— A French pharmaceutical group